Hi! My name is Samantha Johnson and I am a 17 year old lesbian who's birth mother teaches sunday school. Ask me anything!

Samantha Johnson
Jun 11, 2017

For any of you LGBT teens out there afraid to come out, I want you to know that you are not alone. I will be giving advice and hopefully some help to any of your questions. This is a safe space so please feel free to ask away!

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When did you realize that you are not straight? 

Jun 14, 12:31PM EDT0

In the third grade, when I had a crush on my best friend, who was a girl.

Jun 14, 3:01PM EDT0

What have you the courage to come out?

Jun 11, 8:27PM EDT0

To myself? It was had. But one day i just woke up and realized enough was enough. There had always been something missing from my past relationships and i never really knew what it was, granted i always expected, but i supressed my feelings so far down that they became invisible. Until one day they all just came rushing up, slowly but fast at the same time. It was like a wave of freedom washed over me for the first time in my life, and I was free. So to answer your question, nothing and everything gave me that courage, the universe? my current circumstances? and just life in general. I was just ready. To my family? I didn't really come out, my mom found out and to prevent my dad from finding out from her I beat her to the punch and texted him. He was way more supportive anyways. To my friends? Most of them were gay or bisexual at the time anyways so it wasn't that hard.

Jun 11, 8:32PM EDT0

What was your mum's reaction to you being lesbian?

Jun 11, 2:23PM EDT0

She screamed and told me I was faking it for attention. She told me I could no longer have sleepovers with my friends and got her whole side of the family to preach about how I was going to hell for a very long time. Sadly, I didn't have the best coming out experience, however it could have been alot worse.

Jun 11, 3:01PM EDT1

When did you first ""come out"" as a lesbian?

Jun 10, 11:43PM EDT0

I came out to my friends and family the summer before my freshman year in high school, about Three years ago.

Jun 11, 2:13PM EDT0
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How do you answer those who say homosexuality is a sin?

Jun 10, 10:10AM EDT0

The bible refers to many things as an abomination, including: eating shrimp, dressing in more than one fabric, masturbating, eating too much, etc, etc. SO for those people who dehumanize anyone in the LGBT community, claiming to do so in the name of Christianity, How can you pick and chose which parts of the bible to pay attention to and which to ignore?

Jun 10, 10:31AM EDT0

Quite convincing actually...

Jun 14, 1:53PM EDT0

What cities or countries offer a supportive environment for LGBT members?

Jun 9, 6:44PM EDT0

I believe Ireland was the first to legalize gay marriage across the board, then you have England, Paris, and until recently the US held the first of June as the commencement of Pride Month for eight years, sadly Donald Trump broke that eight year tradition and has spend the first week of Pride month talking at anti-LGBT rallys and dehumanizing the LGBT community.

Jun 9, 8:05PM EDT0
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When did you know that you weren't heterosexual?

Jun 9, 2:24PM EDT0

I knew in the fourth grade, but I came out the summer after middle school.

Jun 9, 5:20PM EDT0
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How long does it take you to figure out if someone is gay?

Jun 9, 12:34PM EDT0

Usually pretty fast, I like to think that my "Gaydar" is on point.

Jun 9, 5:21PM EDT0

What is the stupidest question you get about being gay?

Jun 9, 8:20AM EDT0

The infamous "So how do lesbians have sex?" 

Jun 9, 11:26AM EDT0
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Do you belong to any LGBT support groups?

Jun 9, 3:54AM EDT0

While there are noLGBT support groups in my town, I always do my best to support and help any fellow LGBT people that I know.

Jun 9, 11:25AM EDT0

If you're religious, does your church accept your sexuality?

Jun 9, 2:26AM EDT0

Personally, I am not very religious. However, I have been to a few churches in my town and they are all super accepting.

Jun 9, 11:10AM EDT0

Have you ever joined a gay dating site?

Jun 8, 9:02PM EDT0

Yes I have, I actually met my current girlfriend on a lesbian dating app called HER.

Jun 8, 9:17PM EDT0

What do you think about outing of celebrities?

Jun 8, 10:08AM EDT0

I believe that everyone is entitled to their own privacy and should never be forced out of the closet. Eery individual has the right to make their own decision about when is the right time.

Jun 8, 1:40PM EDT0

Do you think being gay impacts your ability to parent?

Jun 8, 8:27AM EDT0

Absolutely not! If anything it strengthens ones ability to parent. Same sex parents tend to be more understanding and compassionate towards their hildren, you can see why. There has never been an instance where a same sex couple has disowned their chuld for being straight. I believe that in my case, my sexuality only benefits my future abilities to raise children.

Jun 8, 1:39PM EDT0

What are the three biggest challenges you face as a young lesbian?

Jun 8, 6:07AM EDT0

The first would definitely being taken seriously. In any situation, young lesbians are demonized or even invalidated because of their sexualitys.

Which brings me to the second challenge, "fesbians". Especially in high school, it is very hard to be openly gay, but then you have these girls that do it for the attention. They will tell people they are a lesbian only to get attention from guys and it can end up really hurting someone who actually is gay, if they fall for them. (Happens more than you would think)

and the third challenge is the unwanted attention from men. Guys, especially immature teenage boys, think lesbians are "hot" or are play things for their own personal gain and that simply is not the case. Men will harrass you and call you inapropriette slurs, or even ask degrading questions in proffessional environments.

All of these things can be extremely tiring, and there are many more challenges a younger member of the LGBT community may face.

Jun 8, 1:37PM EDT0
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Who was it hardest to come out to, and why?

Jun 8, 4:42AM EDT0

Definitely my mother. I never really "came out" to her she just kind of found out and started yelling at me, calling me an abomination of God and other things of the sorts.

Jun 8, 1:32PM EDT0
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What would you say to a gay youth contemplating suicide?

Jun 8, 4:20AM EDT0

Don't do it! No matter how bad the situation is, life is worth living and I promise you, the future is bright. There are so many things you can do with your life, so much potential that you have. Killing yourself would be an unneccesary waste of valuable human life.

Jun 8, 1:30PM EDT0

Did you lose any friends when you came out?

Jun 8, 2:32AM EDT0

I not only lost a large portion of my friends, and my own mother, but i was bullied for the next year until i had to transfer schools.

Jun 8, 1:29PM EDT0

Was it better in the other school?

Jun 14, 10:21PM EDT0

What are some of the best young adult novels about LGBT issues?

Jun 7, 9:43PM EDT0

I personally have never read any LGBT novels, nor have I seen very many in the media, so I'm not really sure about any LGBT novels that would be considered the best.

Jun 8, 1:28PM EDT0

Who did you first come out to?

Jun 7, 8:25PM EDT0

My sister was the first person I ever came out to.

Jun 7, 8:27PM EDT0