Lesbian girl, ilustrator and tattoo artist (In progres). Escape from home and struggle to make her dreams come true. Please Ask Me Anything

Isabel Moreno
Nov 11, 2017

I currently live with my girlfriend and my little cat, who have helped me to continue fighting for my dreams (being a professional tattooist). This year has been difficult, because as I had said before I had to leave home, my parents see my sexual preferences very badly and I had to endure psychological abuse from my grandmother and sometimes from them. My only concern now is to find a job to be able to have money for me and my girlfriend (who has really helped me a lot to get ahead and not feel alone)

I only dedicate myself to illustrate digitally and traditionally and practice my tattoo technique.

In these moments my priority is to move forward and carry out my project as quickly as possible, so I can take care of my girlfriend and my self.

"White Lotus Tattoo is a project that will offer the best of the service in Mexico

It's a long and dificult path but not imposible and the determination is present.

White lotus promises to be a new experience in the tattoo service in the future, giving opportunities to new future talents to join on this."

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How many tattoos, do you have on your body?

Nov 11, 3:03PM EST0

Right now just 4, maybe today I'll be doing my fifth by my self.

Nov 11, 4:23PM EST0

Will I feel weird about holding hands with a woman in public?

Nov 11, 4:24AM EST0

you should not, it is really normal, even straight woman use to do that At least here where I live

Last edited @ Nov 11, 6:30PM EST.
Nov 11, 4:22PM EST0

How do I know if a woman is interested in me in a romantic way?

Nov 10, 11:00AM EST0

It depends. If she is more attentive with you than others. If she keep talking to you and looking into your eyes. We use to talk to people we like in a romantic way in other way, more intence in a discrete way

Nov 11, 4:21PM EST0

Where are you from?

Nov 10, 10:38AM EST0

Hi, I'm From México.

Nov 11, 4:19PM EST0

How can you say Justin Timberlake or any other male is hot if you're not attracted to men?

Nov 10, 8:42AM EST0

I'm not atracted to man in a sexual way, but still I can admire other peoples appearance without feeling atracted. Is like when you see other girl and say "Oh, that girl look really good with that dress" or "Oh, "X" actress is really pretty"

Nov 11, 4:18PM EST0

Are you gay because you had a bad relationship with your father?

Nov 10, 8:13AM EST0

He, no. Is not like that. When I was a little girl, my dad and I had a really good relationship, I use to be with him all the time that we can. 

Nov 11, 4:15PM EST0

Have you ever had a crush on the opposite gender?

Nov 10, 8:07AM EST0

Mmm noup. Even when I was a little kindergarhen girl, my crushes always was girlsand I didn't even know, i thought i just admired them.

Nov 11, 4:14PM EST0

Are you attracted to your own body?

Nov 10, 7:35AM EST0

Um, a few years ago I had a little bit of overweight, I work a lot and train really hard to have a good weight I lose like 53 pounds (It might not be a lot but it is for me). I don't think I have the most beautifull body, in fact I think I have to train even more. I don't want to feel attracted to my own body, I just want to feel ok with it. 

Last edited @ Nov 11, 4:11PM EST.
Nov 11, 4:10PM EST0

Are you religious?

Nov 10, 5:42AM EST0

No, I'm not. I went through many bad things because of the religion, so I'm not religious, My parents are tho, also my girlfriend and my mother in law, but this two last people (My girlfiend and her mother) thing in a really diferent way from most of the religious, my parents... well, their are blind by the word of some person who said that's is the word of god

Nov 11, 4:05PM EST0

How do you feel about xgay ministries?

Nov 10, 5:27AM EST0

Sigh, It's stupid... the people who go there don't really accept their selfs, maybe because some other peoples put some stupid things on their heads, I don't know, but if someone go there by their own self is because of that, otherwise they force us to go and change, we must accept our selfs, in this case, we are not doing something bad

Nov 11, 4:02PM EST0

Do you have a Facebook page I can follow to see your tatoo work?

Nov 10, 3:26AM EST0

Yes I do have a facebook fanpage, but I don't use tu upload frequentlyWhite lotus tattoo   (www.facebook.com/Mx.whitelotus.tattoo/)

If you want you can see more of my artwork on my patreon and instagram





Nov 11, 3:58PM EST0

Have you ever been the victim of a hate crime?

Nov 10, 3:18AM EST0

Yup. From my parents and others. People use to look at me with hate just because I dress like a boy, one time a woman tried to take me out from a restroom I had to took off my shirt so she can see I’m a girl 

Nov 11, 3:51PM EST0

Have you ever been in love?

Nov 10, 2:56AM EST0

I am in love right now with the must beautiful woman in earth, who has a really big heart. without her maybe I might be dead now

Last edited @ Nov 11, 9:05PM EST.
Nov 11, 3:48PM EST0

How do you feel when people are insistent that this is a choice that people make?

Nov 10, 2:36AM EST0

They don’t know. Speak is easy, understand others isn’t. 

Nov 11, 3:47PM EST0

Where are you based?

Nov 9, 9:51PM EST0

What is a misconception about gay people that you think other people should know the truth about?

Nov 9, 7:50PM EST0

We don’t sleep with the first guy/girl that say hi to us. Haha.

Whe are not perverts and sexual predators

we don’t become gay or lesbians because someone do something bad to us

I don’t dress like a boy because I want to be one, I do it because I feel comfortable

beeing gay don’t make us bad people whit bads actions and thoughts.

and more and more 

Last edited @ Nov 11, 9:07PM EST.
Nov 11, 3:44PM EST0

Did coming out effect your relationships ( parents, siblings, friends) in a negative way?

Nov 9, 7:38PM EST0

Oh yes it did affect my relationships, mostly with my parents. They are homophobics so... I'ts a really long story, hahaha they tried to exorcise me it was really scary for me. 

Nov 11, 2:43PM EST0

Do you want to have a family someday?

Nov 9, 6:07PM EST0

Honestly I don't know. I have a lot of priorities and plans to do first. I'm fine right now with what I Have with my girlfriend.

Nov 11, 2:40PM EST1

Why do you think people are homophobic?

Nov 9, 5:35PM EST0

Because they keep their mentality like people who live in 1850. You know the world keep changing also the way we live. The natural way is moving foward and accepting thar we all are going to change things, in a small or big way, if it dosen´t hurt anybody then is not bad at all.

Those people grew up whit a mentality or with people who tell them that that's a sin and is really wrong.

Excuse my english, it is not my native lenguage. 

Last edited @ Nov 11, 9:09PM EST.
Nov 11, 2:30PM EST0

Do you think gay marriage affects straight people in any way ( how/how not)?

Nov 9, 5:04PM EST0

No, I mean, the life of a couple of gay people who is marriage is totally independent of the ones who are not gay and don't wanna know anything about gay people.

You know, is not like we care about them in a way that might hurt them, in fact, I allways think that they do that.

I allways say "Let live their lives, if their are not doing anything that hurt you, then just let them be happy, at the end of the day is what we all want... be happy"

Last edited @ Nov 11, 9:10PM EST.
Nov 11, 2:25PM EST0

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