The name is GLENN , I prefer to keep my middle and last names confidential, I was born on year 1993, and I am the guy behind this not so ordinary account. #AMA

Glenn Salvatore
Sep 7, 2017

I constantly view pictures of guys that are supermodels and actor materials: rich, tall, perfect abs, lean muscles, perfect haired, gorgeous smiles, charming braces, born with fashion, confident, and guys who looks stunning even though they just woke up.. then feel sorry for myself afterwards.

I think I have Entomophobia - because I freak out LIKE CRAZY when some crawling creature is 10 steps away from me, and I also abhor frogs. Ugh. =S I suck at Math, and also Chemistry. When I’m sad, or mad, I let my pen talk then my paper listens, the only thing in this world that never gets tired of all the bullshit I give.

The Philippines is a beautiful place and that is where I live. Studied at STI College, and took up BS Information Technology. I am a WRITER, but it’s a secret. :D I type smileys, a lot. I have a huge love for books, I fancy journals cause that’s where I can doodle stuff, my favorite past time is watching movies, I like quotes, and I have a secret world. C:

I was an Inventory Manager in a Local Restaurant and now I'm a Network/Technician Dispatch Analyst from one of the biggest Company here in the Philippines.

I believe in BLUE; in EATING till you forget your problems; in different personality of people; in kissing, kissing a LOT; in being STRONG when everything goes wrong; that SINGING is one way of saying how you feel; that moments should be CAPTURED, that LAUGHING is the best calorie burner; that CHOCOLATES can sometimes be the perfect escape; that things happens for a reason, and that HAPPINESS is in knowing that you are loved because of who you are, and sometimes, despite of who you are.

Oh, and LOVE needs FAITH. “amore vole fe".

Glenn Salvatore says:

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My girlfriend is deathly afraid of frogs. How do you deal with your abhorrence of those creatures?

Sep 7, 6:20PM EDT0

I don't. Hehe. It's just a good thing I don't see them that much. 

Sep 8, 4:20PM EDT0

What creature are you mostly scared of?

Sep 8, 7:00PM EDT0

Describe your ideal partner?

Sep 7, 5:32PM EDT1

Just someone who's strong. Strong enough not to let me go. ;)

Sep 8, 4:23PM EDT0

Have you come accross a person you thought was ideal for you?

Sep 8, 6:23PM EDT0

Where in the Philippines are you from?

Sep 7, 3:41PM EDT0

I live in the Queen City of the South, Cebu City :)

Sep 8, 4:29PM EDT0

What is your favourite food?

Sep 7, 2:14PM EDT0

Jolly Spaghetti :) You can buy it Jollibee. But I'm not sure if you have a resto near you. But it's everywhere in the Philippines.

Sep 8, 4:25PM EDT0

I havent actually heard of it, I will go check it out on google :) 

Sep 8, 7:24PM EDT0

Can you describe something not so ordinary about yourself?

Sep 7, 9:49AM EDT0

Get to know me. You'll understand why storms are named after people. ;)

Sep 8, 4:32PM EDT0

Describe your ideal partner?

Sep 7, 9:17AM EDT0

What turns me on is someone with great personality, charm and a dazzing smile. One who can be sweet yet serious, whom I can hold both intellectual and the silliest of conversations with. Someone who is real whom I would let my guard down for, to show my silly vulnerable self and someone who'd put up with my occasional nonsense.

Sep 9, 12:24AM EDT0

Do you have facebook or twitter that I can follow?

Sep 7, 7:16AM EDT0
Sep 8, 4:34PM EDT0


Sep 8, 6:09PM EDT0

You said you love writing, have you written anything that you could share?

Sep 7, 3:11AM EDT0

But I also said that it's a secret. Haha. I'll try.

Sep 8, 4:35PM EDT0

Does your family know and what was their reaction?

Sep 7, 1:25AM EDT0

They don't and I don't know how to tell them. I'm away from home though. I earn for my family.

Sep 8, 4:35PM EDT0
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What types of stories do you like to write?

Sep 7, 12:49AM EDT0

Anything under the sun. But mostly I write how I feel. I dont have much friends. :)

Sep 8, 4:36PM EDT0

Would you like more friends?

Sep 8, 6:58PM EDT0

Do you have a partner?

Sep 7, 12:31AM EDT0

Yes, I do. We'll celebrate our 7th year this November 21.

Sep 9, 12:26AM EDT0

What do you like singing? Are you any good?

Sep 6, 11:48PM EDT0

I do love singing but singing doesn't love me. I have a horrible voice. Hahaha.

Sep 8, 4:37PM EDT0
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Are there any peer groups or forums in your area that you could meet up with or discuss problems with?

Sep 6, 10:56PM EDT0

No. but I have my journal. :)

Sep 8, 4:37PM EDT0

Do you use this as your escape? Do you write in your journal on a daily basis?

Sep 8, 7:44PM EDT0

When did you feel that you are 'different' and does it bother you?

Sep 6, 10:50PM EDT0

When I was in College. I have learned to accept it with the help of my friends. But not totally since my family doesn't know about it.

Sep 8, 4:38PM EDT0
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Are you lonely or a bit down? What can I/we on this forum do to help?

Sep 6, 10:40PM EDT0

I'm alone most of the time but I'm not lonely :)

Sep 8, 4:38PM EDT0
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I am hetero but I would never dream of announcing that to a group of new people I meet. Why do so many LBGTs feel the need to share this at the first meeting? I don't care what somebody does in the bedroom, it's their personality that I like or sometimes dislike. What are your thoughts on this?

Sep 6, 10:37PM EDT0

Coming to terms with one's sexual orientation can be difficult for many people. Coming out helps people connect with others who have gone through similar experience and receive guidance, advice, and other support from them.

Sep 8, 4:45PM EDT0
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How do people in your country think of LBGTs in general? Are they discriminated against?

Sep 6, 9:09PM EDT0

Well, PH is a very reserved country. Unlike many other countries, we are still yet to accept this kind of lifestyle and not so many people are a fan of the term "gay".

Sep 8, 4:46PM EDT0
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Do you hang out with friends and what do you do?

Sep 6, 9:05PM EDT0

Yes. We go to movies. Eat out and go on travel goals with friends.

Sep 8, 4:52PM EDT0
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What is your favorite chocolate? :)

Sep 6, 8:44PM EDT0

As long as it's heartily given. I love Snickers though ;)

Sep 8, 4:47PM EDT0

Snickers is amazing! haha 

Sep 8, 7:29PM EDT0

Where in the Philippines are you from?

Sep 6, 8:13PM EDT0

The Queen City of the South, Cebu City.

Sep 8, 4:47PM EDT0

Awesome! What do you like about living there?

Sep 8, 6:12PM EDT0

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