Hi! My name is Samantha Johnson and I am a 17 year old lesbian who's birth mother teaches sunday school. Ask me anything!

Customer Service: An Integral Part of Economic Boost. I'm Jerome, an experienced Customer Support and Virtual Assistant. Ask Me Anything! #AMA

The name is GLENN , I prefer to keep my middle and last names confidential, I was born on year 1993, and I am the guy behind this not so ordinary account. #AMA

Tuna: A Grindr's Tale/ Not Your Average Hook-up Your average Brooklynite becomes too trusting (or cocky) and finds himself in a dangerously comedic gay hookup. AMA

Ask Me Anything about my comic book series Fury's Forge and Underdog Comics: the creators who brought it to life.

Hello, my name is Andrea Suarez and I live in Bogota, Colombia. I'm going to open a pastry shop completely operated by transgender people. Ask me anything!

Oct 26, 2017

Just a simple guy who gives sensible advice. AMA on LGBT issues whether it's dating, coming out, etc.

Ask Me Anything About Travel to Iran

Oct 16, 2017

A lesbian helping her girlfriend (who is suffering from depression) in making, publishing, and selling zines. Ask me about zines and yes, you may ask me about our relationship that has a battle against mental illness. AMA!

Nov 2, 2017

I'm an openly gay game developer who's worked on indie to AAA games for the past 10 years. I am an advocate for diversity in game teams/content/communities. AMA!

Ask Me Anything... the first Criminological study in its class_ theory of restructuring in Mexico_AMA

Respectable Professional by Day, Gay Prostitute by Night. AMA

I am a lettering artist making Enamel Pins! AMA!

I am a Licensed Psychologist, Lesbian Matchmaker, and Renowned Relationship Expert. Ask Me Anything.

Oct 14, 2017



Dec 24, 2017

AMA about Love of My Life

Nov 11, 2017

Lesbian girl, ilustrator and tattoo artist (In progres). Escape from home and struggle to make her dreams come true. Please Ask Me Anything

Let's talk about stories! And art! And being happy as who you are! Come Ask Me Anything.

Dec 20, 2017

"Art is Everything" is that animated show about a bunch of queeny cats living in a art house and trying to make it in the art world! Ask Me Anything


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